B.U.D. Summit, Washington DC, August 2016

Rick Simpson is one of the key speakers at this year's BUD summit in Washington DC.

The BUD summit team wants to bring a true “bud summit” to Washington D.C. in order to highlight the business impact cannabis is making nationwide.  It’s hard to ignore the millions of dollars in tax revenue being generated by the cannabis industry in Washington state, Oregon, and Colorado.  

Looking at the main hubs for cannabis industry expansion, the East Coast is primed for massive growth.

In particular, the Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania cannabis markets present an extremely lucrative opportunity within the next 1-3 years:

 - Washington D.C. has partially legalized recreational use, allows for home-grows, and currently has a fully functional medicinal program.

 - Maryland is on the cusp of granting 15 cultivator licenses and 94 dispensary licenses in 2016.

 - Pennsylvania will offer licenses to 25 processors/growers, along with 50 dispensaries, which may have up to three locations each.

There is an extremely affluent market in Northern Virginia for cannabis related products that migrates toward Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

By design, states are left to their own measures to promote access to cannabis information fairly and equally. Citizens are left to the risk with little to no guidance. The destined collision of business and medicine entering into a once illegal revenue stream will force an end to the drug war.

Within this 2016 election year American businesses, patients, and society alike have requested a gathering to advance cannabis Business, Understanding, and Development.

For more information about the event and program, please visit the event website.

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