Grass Roots Craft Cup, Victoria BC, Canada, June 3rd 2017

The Grass Roots Craft Cannabis Cup & Dispensary Tour has been created by an unbiased independent organization for the purpose of creating positive feedback for the Victoria BC Craft Cannabis Market.

This years one day event will feature a weekend adventure with interactive maps guiding patients along a journey visiting the participating local dispensaries via tours buses, bicycle rentals or simply enjoying the weather and walking around beautiful Victoria BC. Dispensaries will be holding sales for participants all weekend long. The Grass Roots Craft Cup judge pass holders will critique and cast their vote on their favorite Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and categories for concentrates and edibles, as well as their favorite dispensary.

It will also feature a full day of entertainment which will host business kiosks, world renowned guest speakers, comedians and musicians.

Rick Simpson will be holding a video lecture at the event folowed by a Q&A session.

For tickets and further information about the event, visit the event page.

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