Our Company

Simpson RamaDur LLC is an independent publishing company founded in 2016, by Rick Simpson and his wife Danijela Smiljanić Simpson.

The company was started with the goal to provide the public with all the relevant information about the healing powers of cannabis.

Since the medicinal use of cannabis is currently becoming a growing trend in the world, we are witnessing an even greater demand for information and knowledge that Rick Simpson has made available through his work and authorship.

So far, Rick Simpson has written two highly influential books on the use of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes titled “Phoenix Tears - The Rick Simpson Story” and “Phoenix Tears – Nature’s Answer for Cancer”, which are available for purchase worldwide.

One of the goals is to make Rick’s books available in as many different languages because of the increasing number of people seeking information on how to heal themselves or help their loved ones.

At present, the primary goal of our company is to raise awareness about safer and more effective ways for people to heal themselves with powerful medicines that can already be found in nature.

Our Story - written by Rick Simpson

It has now been proven by many scientists and researchers around the world that the cannabis plant and the extracts produced from medicinal varieties of cannabis are effective in helping people to cure or control many different diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, post traumatic stress disorder, and a vast array of other medical problems.

I have been spreading awareness about the healing powers of cannabis since 2001, when I first treated myself. I am not trying to seek credit for finding the cure for any disease. My only aim is to show people how they can heal themselves. 

For the last three years or more, my wife Danijela, a graduate professor of pedagogy and an anthropologist, also a Ph.D. candidate in the field of anthropology, who has been researching human spirituality, shamanism, yoga and religion, has been helping me with my work. Together, we have been dealing with the countless numbers of emails, which are coming to our email address every single day. She has done all this with a great deal of compassion towards people who are suffering, and her efforts have been able to comfort many families, by providing the answers to their questions. 

It is sad that there is nothing we can do to supply those in need of this life saving medication, but at present it is illegal for us to grow medicinal varieties of cannabis to produce these extracts. So instead, all we are able to do is give the public the knowledge needed, which will enable them to produce their own extracts properly. All this information is available on the phoenixtears.ca website.  

Since 2014, my wife and I have been invited to many different countries, by groups who are fighting for the legalisation of cannabis.  

The events we have put on in these various countries, have done much to promote awareness, concerning the amazing healing abilities of the cannabis hemp plant. 

Since we decided to stay in Europe, we established a publishing company which is based upon the distribution of my two books.

But we hope to expand our operation a great deal more in the near future, to encompass other subjects and items, which would be of value to everyone’s overall health and well being.

I would like the public to be aware of the fact that the website phoenixtears.ca and our company’s website simpsonramadur.com are the only two websites that I am connected with, so please don't be fooled by other sites which are using my name, to help draw attention to themselves. 

At present we still continue to spread the truth about the real healing abilities of this God given plant, because we want to educate the public to make them aware that there are much safer and more effective ways to heal themselves naturally. 

Work With Us

We are looking for distributors for the English, Spanish, German, Portuguese languages, and many others, because our main goal is to spread the word about the healing powers of the cannabis plant. We want to make people aware that there are much safer and more effective ways to heal themselves naturally.

Companies that would like to collaborate and support us in making this information available to a greater number of people worldwide, feel free to contact us info@simpsonramadur.com.