Altermed, Celje, Slovenia, Mar 17 - 18 2018

A fair for a healthier lifestyle.

Altermed is intended for all those individuals who care about their health and wellbeing and who wish to learn more about new techniques for healthier living, a healthy diet and about super foods which enable vitality and wellness. 

The program of the fair will address the following topics:
- healthy food, organic growing and veggie smoothies, food supplaments, as well as healthy food for animals
- herbs and natural medicines
- appliances for green super drinks and for drying fruit and vegetables
- crystals, semiprescious stones, healing stones, meterites
- honey and wax based products
- ecology, personal growth, community impact
- health and wellness turism
- Yoga, Thai Chi, Chi Gong and other similar disciplines
- Mandalas
- Natural Cosmetics intedned for adults, children, against alergies (cremes, masks, peelings, tonics, shampoos, etc.)
and much much more.

Both Rick Simpson and Danijela Smiljanić Simpson will hold lectures at the fair about the medicinal properties of cannabis.

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